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Reflexology focuses on the whole person with the aim of balancing the mind, body and spirit. Many individuals use reflexology to help them cope with the stresses and strains placed upon their body by everyday life. After a treatment many report an improvement in their general wellbeing and other things may improve too. The results can be very surprising.

My clients come to me for a variety of reasons. In addition to general reflexology I also work with clients in two specific areas:-

Preconception reflexology helps support individuals and couples throughout their conception journey.

Maternity/Postnatal reflexology has many benefits for mum, during her pregnancy and beyond.

In one amazing treatment reflexology benefits the body by working on five key areas:-


Relaxation is the act of relaxing the mind and body, enabling it to be free from anxiety and tension. Relaxation can physically induce calmness and helps sedate the body's processes after a period of stress.


It is thought prolonged stress can manifest itself as tension within the body which could have negative consequences on health and wellbeing.


Mood is your frame of mind, the emotions you feel at any particular time. It can be affected by certain aspects of your life such as illness, past life experiences, financial problems and work pressures, or simply as a result of every day's life stressors.


Wellbeing can be difficult to define. A good sense of wellbeing is not just the lack of illness, sadness or worry in your life, but a feeling of contentment, being happy and feeling healthy. Wellbeing is recognising that it is sometimes natural to feel emotional and out of sorts, and knowing when to seek help and support.


Sleeping well is essential to our physical and emotional health. Lack of sleep can affect our ability to concentrate, impair memory and it can take its toll on mood. It can lead to poor physical health, increase accidents, impede job performance and can be a factor in relationship stress. Reflexology is a gentle natural way to help the body relax and this can aid sleep

Reflexology should not be used as a substitute for conventional health care.

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