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Menopause and Reflexology SE23/NW11

Self help hand Reflexology.  

 To see the full article written by Sally Earlam please click the link below. 


Place your thumbs on the solar plexus reflex point which is good for calming, this is situated in the centre of the palm, take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.   As you breathe in push gently into the reflex point.

N.B. If you are doing this on yourself do one hand at a time

 solar plexus


Spend time massaging all over each thumb, this is the head reflex which can help ease tension and calm the mind. Two important glands are found within the head: the hypothalamus (which plays a part in hot flushes) and the pituitary which controls all hormones.

 head 2


Rub over the tip of each thumb, this is the brain reflex, to help calm the mind



 brain 3

Next rub along the spine reflex to help calm the nervous system. Use one thumb to rub along the edge of the other thumb from the wrist all the way to the top, then swap hands




The adrenal gland reflex is particularly good to work for anxiety. This reflex can be found easily by pinching at the base of the ‘V’ at the base of the thumb and first finger. Place your thumb and finger on the top (dorsal) and bottom (palm) and squeeze gently together.


N.B. The adrenal glands also continue to produce small levels of oestrogen.

Finish with solar plexus reflex again.


Where can I find out more about reflexology?



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