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Nerve Reflexology SE23, NW11

Valerie has completed  specialist training in nerve reflexology under the tutelage of  Physiotherapist Nico Pauly and Doctor Carol Samuel (PHD). Nerve reflexology  is a specific type of reflexology that concentrates on the nervous system's reflexes. These reflexes are found on the bones of the feet which differs from classic foot reflexology. The treatment can be combined with classic foot reflexology which focuses more on the  systems of the body and both techniques together complete an holistic treatment.

Nerve reflexology may be particularly beneficial for those who find other treatments are not working for them particularly in relation to tension held within the body. Tension in the body is often caused by stresses and strains of everyday life. Nerve reflexology's  aim is restorative, helping tension reduce and release therefore bringing balance to the whole body.  


email: http://reflexologyroom.co.uk/contact.aspx  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reflexology-Room-687476947984352/ 

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